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About Himsworth Scott

Clients trust us when legal advice is needed to preserve and enhance their reputation, privacy and freedom to operate.

We help clients plan for upcoming issues, handle evolving events and crises and recover from difficult problems. We are more effective because we see that as greater volumes of information are available to wider audiences the most effective route to protecting reputation and privacy lies in tackling the substance of issues, not just the effects. We work wherever and whenever our elite client base needs us, and value outstanding long-term relationships with our clients and their other advisors.

Our track record and loyal client base demonstrate that at each stage we have the specialised skillset to know what to do and when to do it.

What kind of work does Himsworth Scott do?

We are the lawyers who are trusted, every day, to tackle the challenges faced by the world’s leading organisations and highest-profile individuals. The tougher the issue to crack, the greater the satisfaction we get from helping you solve it.

The difference here is that while we are experts at asserting your rights to protect you during the maelstrom of a serious issue or crisis, the lawyers at Himsworth Scott recognise the value of focussing on the underlying problem to have a greater long term impact in protecting your interests.

If you’re facing a challenge to your standing or freedoms, we want to help to prevent the issue arising again, no matter what it is. So, our modus operandi is: listen, ask questions, repeat, dive deeper, then advise and act.

When should you instruct Himsworth Scott?

We can help at all three main points of inflexion: before, during and after a major challenge.

If you’re working with us prior to a major issue, we’ll help you do all you can to minimise the harm and side effects of the issue, and prepare you for for the challenges that lie ahead.

If it has got to the stage where you need urgent help, we’re the right choice for you then too. In the near-term, we’ll use our deep experience of being the voice of experience in what can seem an alien situation to help you make the right, timely decision that helps deliver your medium-term goals.

If the storm has passed, we can work with you on underlying causes to make sure that you and your organisation don’t face the same challenge again and recover from the impacts the issue has caused.