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What is it like working at Himsworth Scott?

The answer lies in why we founded Himsworth Scott. We believe that it’s time for a new model in law firms: where PQE is a guide and not a hurdle, where bright and hard-working people get developed and rewarded based on their needs and their contribution and where reward for the success of a business is enjoyed throughout your career – not just a carrot dangled to coax you to reach the top.

We believe that too many law firms are weighed down by their legacy business models, eventually frustrating their talented performers, and we believe that clients are best served by happy, motivated people who have great lives, not just great jobs. We want all the benefits and we want the same standards to apply to our whole team, not just the founders.

About you

If you’re someone who outshines their peers, isn’t fazed at being in a boardroom, or acting on the largest issues of the week, and you want to keep learning and challenging standard practices, then we may well be a great choice for you. We’re after the very best legal talent. We’re looking for people who want to contribute to and share in the growth and performance of the business.

You may well be frustrated at the way your firm is run, that you’re treated as a number or that you are being artificially forced to wait to attain your next career goal.

You’re likely to be someone who displays the same winning attributes our clients do (both businesspeople and sportspeople) and all HS lawyers do. We like the winners’ mentality so much that it is part of our founding brand values.

Our side of the bargain

In return for all that you bring, we offer a fair share in the success you achieve. Yes, recognition and a pat on the back, but also financial rewards for your performance now, rather than just dangling the carrot of partnership later.

We reward people for three things:

  • Doing great things for our clients;
  • Doing great things for our business;
  • Making our business look great to clients and potential clients.

Agile and flexible working practices are built into the way we operate. We’ll give you access to a stellar client base, genuinely interesting work and the tools and means to grow your own client base. It’s likely that in working for leading individuals and organisations, you’ll travel both domestically and internationally. Not to the exclusion of having a life – but to the extent that it allows us to do great work for the very best clients.

As founders, Jess, Matt and Chris are passionate about giving their colleagues the opportunity to develop and progress to the next level, to help us grow as lawyers and as a business. We have a growth mindset, so we welcome being pushed in the right direction by ambitious colleagues.

We want everyone to progress. Do the things that make the business great and there is no limit to where you can go. All team members take on a positive duty to help others develop.

Current roles and next steps

Currently, we are actively looking for:

    • A senior associate – You’ll be experienced in disputes and adept at working with clients with all kinds of needs. You’ll also have a passion for quality and delivering excellence. You’ll be keen to grow into leadership or management roles in a professional firm. Read more and apply.
    • An associate – You’ll be a talented lawyer, likely to be in the early-to-mid-stages of your legal career, with experience of disputes and an understanding of or interest in the challenges faced by leading organisations and individuals when they hit problems. Read more and apply.
    • An experienced PA – You’ll have experience as legal PA and have an understanding of legal file management, ordinary billing and other finance procedures for a law firm and a good understanding of the processes needed for an efficiently run firm. Read more and apply.

If any of those roles sounds like you, do get in touch.

Talk to us anyway

We’re always interested in speaking with senior lawyers with a good track record and client relationships looking at leadership roles in a firm that wants to do things differently, or partners wanting to move to a fresh environment who buy into our ethos. If that sounds like you, then get in touch with one of the founders. Given we enhance reputations for a living, you can trust us to be discreet.