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Case studies reflect work our team have conducted or led at this firm and in other roles. Some details have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Respecting the confidentiality of an employment tribunal

The challenge: A large corporate client wanted to stop public online discussions amongst its employees regarding an ongoing employment tribunal case. What we did: An in-depth report was conducted to establish what information had been published and where as well as uncovering the identities of the employees. Once in possession of this information, the client … Continued

preventing a leak

Containing a leak by an ex-employee

The challenge: A disgruntled ex-employee was leaking confidential information on social media about our client, an international company. What we did: An in-depth report was conducted to establish what information had been published and where as well as locating the source of the leak. It transpired the source of the leak, the ex-employee, was subject … Continued

World cup

Russia FIFA World Cup 2018

Challenge: Preparing our clients for Russia What we did: Before and during the tournament, we advised on and negotiated contracts, business and contractual disputes (both within the UK, Russia and elsewhere), dealt with paparazzi press harassment, online media, false stories and allegations on television, newspaper and online. The result: …. Once the event had finished we calculated that, … Continued

Running an independent investigation for a client

The challenge: a prominent organisation was made aware of troubling allegations against a senior staff member at a business-critical time What we did: at short notice we gathered an expert independent panel to carry out an investigation against a tight time frame to report back to the organisation’s board and chairman The result: we were … Continued

Reducing reputational impact from a former executive

The challenge:  a large PLC was facing a set of harmful allegations against a former executive with a short deadline given by the media What we did: the client wished to avoid drawing attention to itself in the issue, so we engaged third party counsel for the executive and armed them with arguments based on … Continued

Transitioning a business into the public arena whilst safeguarding management privacy

The challenge: a business was set to make a prominent IPO having spent much of its existence outside the spotlight. Management were concerned what this would mean for the business and the senior executives. What we did: we undertook a proactive phase of work to secure the personal privacy of senior executives to avoid outside … Continued

Keeping it in the family

The challenge: a family in the public eye wished to keep their personal affairs and family events private despite growing outside interest What we did: delivering privacy required mixing practical with legal efforts. We anticipated where potential privacy breaches could occur through planning of family events and activities, and partnered with an elite security team … Continued

Hong Kong business

Closing down an imposter business

The challenge: an investment business was being targeted by imposters asserting to be linked to the business and trying to attract funding. The attack misused personal information about senior executives, and was harming the reputation of the business among financial communities – alongside the fraud it attempted to commit. What we did: our first step was … Continued

Online comments

Ensured balanced reporting for a financial services company

The challenge: a prominent investment business was concerned about imbalanced and unduly hostile reporting by a journalist, causing harm to its business What we did: analysing the evidence we prepared complaints to show an undue focus and negative slant by the reporter. We enabled the client and its PR agency to open a conversation with … Continued