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Case studies reflect work our team have conducted or led at this firm and in other roles. Some details have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Ensuring confidentiality for a target of blackmail

The challenge: A prominent business was being blackmailed, with the perpetrator making a threat that would cause massive harm to the business What we did: In tandem with the client and security services, we secured an anonymised injunction order to prevent the perpetrator being able to use third parties to execute the threat, while authorities … Continued

Helping a mining company engage with campaigners

The challenge: A listed mining business faced a number of challenges from campaigners questioning legacy issues in its sites What we did: Over a number of years, we worked with the client to evaluate the issues, understand the history and underlying documents and advocate positions. When more detailed claims were made, we matched it with … Continued

Defending an artwork collector

The challenge: A prominent art collector accidentally acquired a work which transpired to have issues with its provenance What we did: Alongside successfully defending the client against public allegations of wrongdoing, we led a team to arbitrate successfully against the vendor of the work and to then navigate two sets of discussions with parties who … Continued

Defending kleptocrat allegations

The challenge: Advising a prominent individual exposed to a high-profile corruption scandal What we did: Lawyers at Himsworth Scott led a global team of advisers working with an individual exposed to kleptocrat allegations. Our team secured his family privacy and provided him with a legal basis for advocating his rights and stance. We worked seamlessly with white … Continued

International debt collection

The challenge: Tracking down a defaulting debtor who had gone missing What we did: We acted for South African businessmen and businesses in a dispute with a Dubai-based business run by a UK based businessman. Our debtor had run up significant debts and appeared to believe that he could not be found or the debts owed enforced … Continued

Protecting reputations and privacy in sport

The challenge: Players of all ages are at risk of repetitional damage more than ever before   What we did: From Exeter to Newcastle, via Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC, Watford FC, the Rugby Players Association and the Professional Cricketers Association, we have delivered education programmes across Academies and to first-team squads, sometimes commencing the conversation … Continued

Enforcing a right to be forgotten for a sportsman

The challenge: Sportsman from Eastern Europe wanted to effect the removal of private information and unlawful images appearing online about him and his wife. What we did: Following research a list was collated of all online mentions of the private information before undertaking correspondence with either the websites, webhosts or Google itself. This was particularly … Continued

Hunting down leaks of confidential information

The challenge: Two US sports brands seeking to identify the source of leaks of commercially confidential information and photographs. What we did: Following extensive research we were able to track the source down to South East Asia. We advised the client on their response to the leaks and also put in place preventative measures to … Continued

Online information

Advising prominent global businesspeople about online threats to their reputation

The challenge: Advising prominent businesspeople from all over the world about threats to their reputation from available online information. What we did: Conducting extensive audits to establish exactly what information is available about the client – including private and personal information such as home addresses and telephone numbers and reputational threats such as untrue allegations.  … Continued