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Closing down an imposter business

Hong Kong business

The challenge: an investment business was being targeted by imposters asserting to be linked to the business and trying to attract funding. The attack misused personal information about senior executives, and was harming the reputation of the business among financial communities – alongside the fraud it attempted to commit.

What we did: our first step was gathering all available information on the business so we could effectively identify all of those behind the business and how they were operating. We then employed a dual movement of targeting the individuals responsible and web and other services they used By doing this we severely restricted their ability to operate, allowing us to then take out all of their online operations. Careful monitoring has ensured they have not repeated the approach.

The result: the campaign came to an end and the business was able to show partners the steps taken to deal quickly with what had been a significant threat to partners, as well as its reputation.

Location: Hong Kong