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Containing a leak by an ex-employee

preventing a leak

The challenge: A disgruntled ex-employee was leaking confidential information on social media about our client, an international company.

What we did: An in-depth report was conducted to establish what information had been published and where as well as locating the source of the leak. It transpired the source of the leak, the ex-employee, was subject to contractual requirements not to disclose confidential information or disparage our client. Measures were taken to enforce these rights whilst simultaneously working to remove the content from various media outlets using a variety of legal remedies such as breach of confidence and copyright as well as individual website terms and conditions

The result: The confidential information was removed and the client was able to reassure internal and external stakeholders that the issue had been contained. We worked alongside the client to put in place a monitoring and early warning system to ensure any similar threat would be identified at the earliest possible opportunity and immediate steps taken to mitigate any damage.

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