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Enforcing a right to be forgotten for a sportsman

The challenge: Sportsman from Eastern Europe wanted to effect the removal of private information and unlawful images appearing online about him and his wife.

What we did: Following research a list was collated of all online mentions of the private information before undertaking correspondence with either the websites, webhosts or Google itself. This was particularly challenging as we were dealing with online media based across the World from Europe, Africa and Asia in addition to the UK press and press from the client’s home country. A successful application was also made to the Information Commissioners Office to compel Google to effect the removal of certain unlawful images.

The result: A systematic approach using Google’s “Right to be Forgotten”, privacy and data protection law meant the vast majority of the offending information and images were removed leaving the client’s Google “landing pages” (pages 1-3 of Google) completely free of the allegations.

Locations: Eastern Europe and London