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The Spy Who Snapped Me

With the addition of Snap Map to Snapchat’s repertoire, the desires of Snapchat users to be James Bond have officially been met. Well, not quite. However, the new facility that is Snap Map, has drastically changed the mainstream social media landscape. This location sharing feature poses serious concerns and risks in the context of privacy … Continued

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A different perspective on cricket

Professional Cricketers Association Rookie Camp 2017

The firm’s Managing Director, Matt Himsworth, appeared at this year’s Professional Cricketers Association “Rookie Camp” at Edgbaston cricket ground. The all-day event acts as an induction to young cricket players who have signed professional terms with their counties. The attendees receive education, advice and training on a whole manner of topics which will prove invaluable … Continued

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Sunday Sun apologises to Craig Willis

The Sunday Sun, the North East’s long-running Sunday newspaper, has apologised to our client, Newcastle Falcons rugby player Craig Willis, after the newspaper mistakenly ran a photograph of our client on it’s front page in a story about court proceedings involving a different rugby player. The apology appeared prominently on page 3 of the newspaper … Continued

Leaving digital footprints

Do Snapchat photos really disappear?

The ghostly guise of Snapchat, as the ephemeral app, where photos magically disappear within a maximum of ten seconds, is somewhat ironic. Why? The very simple answer is: photos and videos posted onto Snapchat, are not immune to the eternal nature of social media, akin to any content, in whatever form that is posted onto … Continued

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Apple scam email

Apple invoice scam

This week a client sent over this screenshot of an email which caused her concern. The email, apparently from Apple (she has an Apple account), advised that she had spent £26.07 downloading games using an iPod Touch. The problem is, she doesn’t have an iPod Touch and she hadn’t downloaded those games. Her instinct was … Continued

You believe memes?

Memes can come true … but not often

  The internet is giving us information quicker and easier than ever but how much can we rely on what we see? Ellis Schindler has some fun looking at some of the memes that fill our timelines …… Did you hear what the Icelandic footballer said about England’s disrespectful, overpaid flops?!? Except, err, Kari Arnason … Continued

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