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Safer Internet Day 2019

#SaferInternetDay #SaferInternetDay2019

Today (Tuesday 5 February 2019) marks Safer Internet Day. It also marks 10 years since we started working with sportsmen and women to help guard against the risks – both reputational and security and privacy risks that arise from our growing online communications.

Our journey has put us in front of the first team squads of Premier League football clubs, international rugby teams including the England Men’s and Women’s teams (we claimed our own little credit for the Women’s 2014 World Cup triumph!) but, most importantly, we have worked with young boys and girls from the age of 8 upwards.

Helping our children to adopt a culture which is risk averse, respectful and defensive, is crucial in protecting them now and in the future.

Our longstanding relationships with Premier League football clubs have given us the time and experience to develop these cultures in supportive environments.

“We’ve worked with Matt for 10 years now, helping our players to develop a risk averse culture. That relationship has been invaluable to us and has equipped both players who have gone on to be established stars and those who have gone to different careers”. Phil Roscoe, Head of Education and Welfare, Liverpool FC.

Our work goes beyond football though, and even beyond rugby and cricket (where we work closely with the respective player unions) we have worked with groups in athletics, cycling and archery and, now, have road-tested age-appropriate sessions outside of sport to schools and children’s groups and have worked with clients to protect their families.

A safe and secure family or business is one that has a culture that is risk averse, respectful and defensive in every aspect of what they do.