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What do I do about a dirty tricks campaign?

What does it look like? It is normal to face campaigns in the course of business or public life, perhaps against planning developments, changes to a business or where interests cross over with matters of public policy. However, one of the most challenging issues to deal with is when a campaign, and the publicity it … Continued


What should I do if we are to be featured in a documentary?

Over the past decade, there has been a shift in the focus by major TV channels to current affairs, increasing the breadth of investigative programmes and their search for targets – often in the shape of businesses and the people behind them. What is the process documentary makers follow? Programme makers are obliged by the … Continued

How do I deal with an undercover reporter?

One of the most impactful forms of reporting is undercover journalism, where a media organisation or campaign group gets inside an organisation to see for itself the practices deployed and report directly on the experiences. The results can be striking and often award winning, but it is a controversial practice only justifiable in extreme circumstances…

What do I do if we’re being investigated?

This article looks at the issues faced by organisations and individuals who are facing calls for an investigation, for example from a regulator or official bodies, or who find themselves being pursued by those investigations…

Impersonating online

What can I do about someone impersonating me online?

This article will attempt to answer quite a few questions that you have in relation to someone impersonating online, including: What can I do about someone impersonating me online? When is it unlawful to impersonate someone else? When is it illegal to impersonate someone else online? Can the police help if there are people impersonating … Continued

negative due diligence

What do I do if I return negative due diligence results?

Flags and negative statements on due diligence databases can have a catastrophic effect on the ability to bank and trade freely for individuals and businesses. Here we look at how to handle challenges to a reputation with the financial community owing to compliance issues being raised…