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Judge orders Apple to give widow access to her late husband’s digital accounts

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Himsworth Scott win case forcing Apple to give access to deceased husband's iPhone

A court has ordered Apple to provide our client Rachel Thompson with access to her late husband’s iCloud account.

Rachel spent three years battling with the technology giant to gain access to the family photos and videos held on her husband’s iPhone. This case was particularly distressing as the couple had a six-year-old daughter who was unable to look at the many photos of her with her father following his death.

Unsurprisingly, this case resonated with many who had previously given little thought to the question of what happens to their digital accounts after they die. Over the past week, Rachel has appeared, alongside Himsworth Scott director Matt Himsworth, on both radio and television, to highlight the issues faced by those attempting to recover the digital assets of loved ones.

Himsworth Scott would like to thank Felicity McMahon of 5RB Barristers who, like us, represented Rachel on a pro-bono basis throughout this case.

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