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Legal Entrepreneurs – a podcast with Legal Cheek

Legal Cheek podcast

Thirty-five minutes in the spotlight

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by David Burgess, the founder of Reviewed and Cleared, a couple of weeks ago for Legal Cheek’s Legal Entrepreneurs podcast, just after the launch of Himsworth Scott. Legal Cheek is one of the best-read law business outlets in the UK and often takes an alternative, maybe even slightly irreverent, view of life in our sector. It provides a great take on the business of law whilst also highlighting the personalities that make ours such a great sector.

In the podcast, we discussed what prompted me to leave a larger firm to set up something fresh, what we focus on as a firm (reputation, sport and commercial), and why we decided to create a new firm in Himsworth Scott.

Take a listen to the podcast on Legal Cheek’s website or download it for free from iTunes.